Private lessons offer so much to a clarinet student: individualized attention, in-depth discovery of different types of music, the feeling of self-worth that goes along with mastering a challenging skill, not to mention the more readily apparent benefit of improved playing in the school band. Learning a wind instrument in particular can help students better understand the physiology of breathing, posture, and relaxation even in nonmusical situations. Your clarinet lessons will involve an integrated approach to music. In addition to working on new repertoire, we will cover topics such as proper care of your instrument and reeds, physical aspects of your playing such as breathing and posture, technical studies such as scales, and music theory.

Lessons last thirty minutes to an hour and should be taken each week in order to achieve a consistent pattern of study. The techniques and concepts you learn in your lessons must be practiced at home until they become natural aspects of your playing. The necessary amount and method of practice varies with each individual student and will be discussed in your lessons. Proper clarinet playing is impossible without good equipment, so you will be required to purchase reeds. You will also be responsible for purchasing sheet music from time to time.

I am currently accepting new students.  Please contact me for rates and availability.

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